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Sun Catcher

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  • Deedee Morrison   Sun Catcher
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Project Overview

Art with Sustainable Solutions - Morrison Studio installs Sun-Catcher, a solar powered light sculpture.

Recycled aluminum, colored lucite and solar panels were used to fabricate this powerful 15 ft. tall Sun-Catcher sculpture for the City of Clearwater, Florida. "This is the wonderful opportunity for a sustainable public art project along the islands in the Cleveland Street District." says Deedee Morrison. As a sculptor and installation artist, Morrison has a particular affinity for plants, other natural forms, and light. The sculptor has coupled her interest in the natural world with a fascination for technical and scientific advances.

A unique style has evolved that reflect the artist?s understanding of the natural world, by using heavy industrial metals and laser jet cutting methods to create solar powered sculptures.  By necessity, nature has solved many of the problems we are currently facing in our physical and built environments.  Morrison attempts to imitate the design principles that exist in the world to create sustainable solutions with art, by mimicking the patterns and strategies found in nature.

The color scheme of the Sun-Catcher sculpture mirrors the vibrant yellow hues of the sun.  A solar panel is installed on the top panel of the sun totem - capturing the energy of the sun during the day and emitting its dramatic stored light at night, giving the sculpture an added dimension. This energy is released at night in the form of light - maintaining an energy balance that cannot be borrowed against.  Sun-Catcher is a visual display of the power and energy that’s available every day from a single solar panel’s relationship with the sun. 

Sculpture360 is part of the Clearwater Public Art and Design Program and is funded through a partnership with the Downtown Development Board, and brings high-quality public artwork to residents and visitors of Clearwater, Florida.

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