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Project Overview

Blue Charm Reflects the Color of a Liquid Sky


Blue Charm is four ton limestone rock and aluminum sculpture, that is the most recent addition to the grounds of the IMA Sculpture Park in Roche Harbor.  Deedee Morrison's Charm series is a body of work that has strong angular shapes and intricately cutout overlays.  Blue Charm speaks to the contrasting dualities of the mechanical and organic, masculine and feminine, light and dark, strength and weakness found in life and in nature.  These particular sculptures give a sensation of diverging ideas bound by dissimilarity and yet the charms seem to rest alongside each other in harmony.


The creation of the Charms begins with a limestone rock that has been harvested from the quarry where Morrison works.  As with much of her work, the sculptor uses a laser cutting processes with the metal that introduces light and a sense weightlessness into the work.  Charm focuses on the correlation of contrasts - two very different elements that are inter-related and combined to create equilibrium.  Symbols, such as unevenly balanced objects joined ask the question, "What am I bound to?"  Morrison works with this quality of extreme contrasts through the creation of bulky sculptures made of metal and boulders that are intricately balanced with hand wrought chains to create a sense of the weight of fragility and balance.


Blue Charm now resides in this 19-acre microcosm of San Juan Island ecology that includes meandering forests, gently sloping meadows, freshwater and saltwater wetlands, and limestone outcroppings.  In 2001 the sculpture park was designated as a permanent open space with the creation of the Westcott Bay Institute (WBI) Park - now known as the IMA Sculpture Park.  75,000 annual visitors enjoy the sculpture along trails and the Park's pond and inland ocean views throughout the reserve.


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