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Project Overview

A Matter of Fiction

Fairhope Public Library

Fairhope, Alabama

Corten Steel with interior LED Lighting

5' x 8' x 8'

February 2012

A Matter of Fiction is an intriguing sculpture, constructed using ten sheets of 3/4 inch industrial grade Corten steel. The metal is gracefully bent to shape and resembles the open pages of a book. The jacket of the book is laser intricately engraved to emulate the scroll patterns of a renaissance manuscript. The cover panels are a light box that illuminate the sculpture from within and cast a warm glow on the interior pages of the book at night.  The sculpture is a visual metaphor for the many journey?s of enlightenment a reader can take with a book. The written word is the light of inspiration that allows the reader to travel the across the universe. This sculpture is based on a wonderful literary tradition that has been carried down from the Middle Ages and Renaissance - that books are meant to preserve information and knowledge in a community.

Project Details