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Project Overview

Grand Rapids Museum - Grand Rapids, MI

Solar Powered LED Light Installation 
Limestone Boulder and Powder Coated Aluminum
12’ x 10’ x 10’


Sculpture interwoven into the public realm can serve as a social catalyst and a way to reveal
complex ideas and issues in a engaging way. Deedee Morrison is a nationally known sculptor
at the forefront of designing LED sculptures to communicate public priorities and vision.
Morrison’s work combines traditional sculpture construction methods with cutting-edge digital
design and fabrication technology. These compelling lighting sculptures are based on design
principles that work on several levels: functionality, sustainability, and efficiency.


Charm focuses on the correlation of contrasts - two very different elements that are interrelated and combined to create equilibrium. The creation of the Charm begins with Morrison harvesting the 5,200 pound limestone boulder from Wade Sand and Gravel Quarry where she
works. The limestone boulder is harvested from an area in the quarry with over 300 million
years of geological history.


Laser cutting aluminum and welding the Charms together allow the sculptor to introduce light
and a sense of weightlessness into the Charm designs. The extreme contrast of these delicate
metal solar powered lighted Charms attached to the limestone boulder with hand wrought
chains, create a sense of the weight of fragility and balance.


The Charm sculpture reflects the continued and accelerating effects of our global
interconnectedness as a result technology, infrastructure and lifestyle. Charm celebrates our
rich diversity as a planet and offers a gentle reminder that mankind and nature are ultimately
dependent one on another. Our interconnectedness offers tremendous opportunity and the
same degree of responsibility - as we live and evolve on our planet together.

Project Details