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Project Overview

Boundless Knowledge

Sterling Municipal Library

Baytown, Texas

8' x 8' x 10'


Friday, October 17th the Sterling Municipal Library officially becomes home to a 4,000-pound sculpture, “Boundless Knowledge,” created by Alabama sculptor Deedee Morrison. It will stand as a landmark, a tribute the library’s 50-year anniversary. “We’ve done a lot of things this year for our anniversary, but this sculpture is a special way of commemorating 50 years of service that would be lasting for the citizens of Baytown,” said Sterling Library Director Katherine Brown. “It’s a huge deal,” she said. “We are so excited to have this nationally known sculptor complete this work for us.”


The Boundless Knowledge sculpture depicts an open book, a symbol of the library’s primary purpose, which is to encourage reading. And it fabricated with 4,000 pounds of Corten, a steel alloy that will initially form a layer of rust on the sculpture. “Over a year’s time, the rust “blooms” or darkens and forms a reddish patina. This is a very strong sculpture,” Brown said. “It is not like anything else in Baytown.


According to the artist, Boundless Knowledge is constructed using three-quarter inch sheets of industrial grade Corten steel. “The metal is gracefully bent to resemble the open pages of a book, with the jacket intricately laser cut to emulate the scroll patterns of a renaissance manuscript. The cover panels are a light box that will illuminate the sculpture from within and cast a warm glow on the interior pages of the book at night.”


Boundless Knowledge is a visual metaphor for the many journeys of enlightenment a reader can take with a book, Morrison said. “The written word is the light of inspiration that allows the reader to travel the across the universe. This sculpture is based on a wonderful literary tradition that has been carried down from the Middle Ages and Renaissance—that books are meant to preserve information and knowledge in a community.”


Design Inspiration for the Book Covers for the Boundless Knowledge Sculpture: 


Lindau Gospels at the Morgan Library 


When Pierpont Morgan acquired his first medieval manuscripts at the end of the nineteenth century, he laid the foundation for a collection whose quality would rank among the greatest in the world. Since Morgan's death in 1913, the collection has more than doubled. Spanning some ten centuries of Western illumination, it includes more than eleven hundred manuscripts as well as papyri. 


The collection was formed to illustrate the history of manuscript illumination and includes significant masterpieces from the ninth to sixteenth centuries.The majority of these books are of a religious nature, but the collection also includes important classical works, scientific manuscripts dealing with astronomy and medicine, and practical works on agriculture, hunting, and warfare. 

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