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Timeless Purpose

Project Overview

Timeless Purpose

9'W x 11'H

Corten and Polished Stainless Steel with Choreographed LED Lighting

Forsyth County Central Library

Winston Salem, NC


For the newly designed Winston-Salem Library, the dramatic backdrop of the library’s architecture provided an opportune setting for the Timeless Purpose sculpture, which rests in the circular grassy lawn in front of the library, The sculpture serves as a focal point for the library and is tied visually and physically to the surrounding environment and downtown community. The pubic artwork interacts with library patrons, passing pedestrians, and motorists; and can be seen from inside the library. Timeless Purpose celebrates and enhances the positive impact the library has on the community. 


The 9ft. by 11 ft. sculpture is fabricated with a stainless steel easel that supports a Corten book jacket. The stainless steel pages are gracefully bent to resemble the open pages of a book and are intricately laser cut. with a graphic word pattern. Morrison worked with the stakeholders to craft the messaging for the laser cut wording. Winston-Salem is a community oriented library that serves patrons from all walks of life and nationalities. It was determined through workshops with students, patrons and staff that the word “Library” translated into ninety three languages, would best express it’s “welcome for all” policy. 


The Timeless Purpose sculpture has a strong visual presence during the day with the the varied colorations of the stainless and Corten steel and at night it comes alive with added dimension in a cacophony of light.. As the sculpture falls into the afternoon, the choreographed light show illuminate the sculptures enfolding the entire area in a sense of peace, contemplation and intimacy. LED lights were installed behind the pages and choreographed lighting illuminate the word patterns from dusk to dawn.

Project Details