Deedee Morrison Sculpture
Deedee Morrison Sculpture


b. 1986, HK.

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Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority Public Art - Atlanta, GA

Office of Raleigh Arts - Raleigh, NC

Weeds United States Army Hospital - Fort Irwin, CA

Alabama Power - Birmingham, AL

Forsyth County Public Art - Winston Salem, NC

Xavier University - New Orleans, LA

Metairie City Parks Public Art Program, Metairie LA

SCRAP Gallery, Indio, CA 

Chicago Transit Authority Public Art Program - Chicago, IL

Owensboro Museum of Art - Owensboro, KY

Sterling Library - Baytown, Texas

See Art Orlando - Orlando Public Art Commission - Orlando, FL

Delta State University - Greensboro, MS

Gadsden Public Art Program - Gadsden, AL

Boynton Beach Public Art Project - Boynton Beach, FL

City of Lafayette Public Art - Lafayette, CO

Main Street Public Art - Colorado Springs, CO

City of Lafayette Public Art - Lafayette, CO

Clearwater Sculpture 360 - Clearwater, FL

Shreveport Regional Arts Commission - Shreveport, LA

Oklahoma Public Art Program - Oklahoma City, OK

Walnut Gallery - Gadsden, AL

Guthrie Contemporary Gallery - New Orleans, LA

Summit County Public Library - Coalville, Utah

Fairhope Public Library  - Fairhope, AL

IMA Sculpture Park - Roche Harbor - San Juan Islands, WA

Chattanooga Public Art - Chattanooga, TN

North Georgia College and State University - Dahlonega, GA

Stevens Point Public Art Program - Stevens Point, WI

Orange Beach Arts Center - Orange Beach, AL

Daphne Public Library - Friends of the Library - Daphne, AL

Sculpture for New Orleans Project - New Orleans, LA

Chatham Public Library - Chatham, AL



The fusion of sustainable art and development is the way of the future. Instead of art being an afterthought, or a job for the designer or landscape architect, it should be an integral part of the development process. A piece of art, while important for its obvious aesthetic appeal, can also have profound symbolic value. 

Phase One: Research in Understanding the Design Site - History, Natural Energies and the Community Context

Laying the groundwork for buy-in from diverse community stakeholders is critically important. Morrison conducts extensive research on issues including neighborhood histories, economic and environment conditions of the surrounding communities, schools, and businesses, local biodiversity and the geographic character and anomalies of the area. The result is in-depth understanding of the scope of the project and written narrative outlining this understanding. The narrative communicates the purpose and goals a public art project and directs all community outreach projects by that artist that include working with local schools on renewable energy projects, interviewing regional biologists, and local environmentalist groups.

Phase Two: Community Engagement - Advancing Community Awareness with Sustainable Public Artwork

Public art in an urban environment can have a powerful social function, renewing citizenship through a sense of place and civic engagement activities, encouraging other sustainability engagement programs. My previous experience with seven other solar powered public art projects lends a unique understanding of how to engage and activate communities. I believe that if we can individually have a unique experience with understanding an experiencing nature - we are more likely to fight to preserve it. 

Phase Three:Design and Fabrication

After thorough research, in-depth knowledge of the regions rich biodiversity will inspire and direct the art patterns that are then laser cut into metal and fabricated to make the solar powered LED light sculptures and murals. The laser cut art patterns are highly visible during the day with vibrant color, pattern and detail.  At night, the sculpture comes alive with added dimension as the choreographed LED light shows. By creatively demonstrating the power of innovation, the experience of public art encourage s participation and curiosity about environmental stewardship and energy solutions.


Deedee Morrison is a nationally known public artist working on the forefront of designing solar powered and LED sculptures to communicate public priorities and vision. Morrison’s work combines traditional sculpture construction methods with cutting-edge digital design and fabrication technology. As a sculptor and installation artist, Morrison’s work has been heavily influenced by her interest in industrial forms and light. As a result, a unique style has evolved that reflects an understanding of the natural world by incorporating industrial materials, computer numeric control cutting methods (CNC), and organically inspired designs to create solar powered LED light sculptures. By combining green consciousness with forward thinking and sustainable designs, these light sculptures pay tribute to nature’s beautiful efficiency. 

Deedee Morrison has been working as a professional studio and public artist for over 15 years and during that period, she has had the privilege of working with libraries, schools, parks, cities and municipalities all over the country to envision public art that embodies the cultural expression, the character and purpose of the project. Morrison’s past experiences have facilitated an integrated approach to art planning which emphasizes active collaborations and partnerships with design teams, landscape architects, architects, engineers and the community as a whole.

Morrison has installed every project according to deadline dates and within budget, working with local companies as available and contributing back to the community. Morrison works closely with the architects, designers, city planners and community to understand the unique characteristics of the environment. A good public art story considers all these significant elements and weaves them together into sculptural form. Final design includes fabrication documents, stamped drawings, detailed narrative descriptions of the art concept, a listing of materials and fabrication technique, a detailed budget and long term maintenance manual.

CV available upon request.